Thursday, May 20, 2010

Look Mum - NO Training Wheels

Chloe has been asking her Dad for weeks to take the other training wheel off her bike because she says she wants to ride her bike without them. We really didn't think she was ready or had her balance properly to have the second one taken off as she was leaning to the side with the training wheel on. But every day she would come home from school and go out the back and get on her bike and practice riding on just the 2 wheels trying so hard not to lean on the training wheel.

So on Mother's Day afternoon, Brad she finally talked Brad into taking it off and when he did he explained to her that if she leant to the side she would fall off and that if she didn't put her foot down when she was putting her brakes on, she would fall off.

Much to our shock, she got on the bike and took off down the road like a speed racer. We couldn't believe it, our jaws both hit the ground and we looked at each other and said "what just happened? How did she do that?" It was like she had been riding on 2 wheels for ever. And she did so well. She didn't fall off once. She had a great time hooning up and down our street and then slamming her brakes on to do burn outs, I think her back tyre is now a bit bald from it But she had so much fun. And I just had to share the photos.

I just love the look on her face, she looks so free and happy.

And now, a week after she finally got her training wheels off, the seat on her bike has completely broken off and she can no longer ride her bike. She was so upset and we had tears for quite a while about no bike to ride that we had to tell her that she is getting a new one for her birthday in 5 weeks. She has requested a big Purple bike (purple is her favourite colour). So lucky I have a big purple bike with Tinkerbell on put away for her. We are trying really hard to get her to hang on until her Birthday, but I don't like our chances. So we will see.
Well, that is it for me. Two posts in one day...
Thanks for looking.

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  1. Always happy to read what the kids & you two are up too! Glad Chloe loves her new bike!