Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Our Little Princess is 5

Well, it's been a whole month since I blogged anything...oops...I have been a bit busy as it was Chloe's 5th Birthday in June, so I spent quite a bit of time getting that organised. I organised a little party for her at McDonalds with her school friends on the Monday, and then on Tuesday for her actual Birthday she took Butterfly cupcakes to school for her class and then we had Grandparents over for dinner and then another small bbq party on the weekend with family friends. So it was quite a busy time. But Chloe had a great time and that is the main thing.

She got a new Purple Tinkerbell bike for her birthday, which she loves. She only had the training wheels on for about 4 days until Brad gave in and took them off and once again, she took off down the road on 2 wheels on her bigger bike, and there has been no stopping her.

This year Chloe requested a number 5 cake for her Birthday Cake, so I iced it in her favourite colour...Purple

And here is all the cupcakes she took to school.

And because we can't have a real cat, I am allergic to them, and Chloe really really wants one, she got a Fur Real cat named Lulu for her birthday. This cat looks real from a distance and does everything a cat does except eat and make a mess. It purrs, meows, lifts it's paw, rolls over, it's ears, eyes and mouth move. She just loves it and it sleeps on her bed.

Well that's it for now. Will be back shortly with some scrap pages I did at a Friday Frenzy a week ago.
Bye for now



  1. Tell that kid to stop growing will ya!!! LOL...great photos Danielle and Lulu looks so cute and NO LITTER TRAY - bonus :) Glad Chloe had a great day as birthdays are magical at 5.

  2. lol, Brad keeps telling her he is going to put a brick on her head to stop her growing!!! But I thought the same when I saw your girls on Saturday night, they have grown up so much, especially Jess.