Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Day 17 of Project 365

On Monday we went to Faulkner Park in Belmont with Playgroup or the Volcano Park as my kids call it because it has a giant volcano built in the middle that has smoke coming out of it sometimes.  It's a great park and has heaps for the kids to do.  There are swings, a flying fox to sit on, water that spurts out of the ground (you may need a change of clothes for the kids if they find this part!) and there is also a smaller kids play area too and the best part is it is all fenced off so they can't get out.

Here are some other photos I took while we were there.

I had a play around with the sports modes and some quicker shutter speeds to get some photos in motion.
It's a really great park with lots of shaded areas too.

Thanks for looking


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