Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Todays photo is of Chloe's beloved Puppy.  She has had him since she was very little and she is now 5 and  a half and he still goes everywhere with her. 

This is how he looks now

He has been washed many many times and has been lost a couple of times at the shop, but luckily we always managed to find him.  We have bought 2 others exactly the same at different times over the years to try to replace him with a 'newer' one, but she wont have a bar of them.  She gave one of them to her little cousin Maddie when they came to stay with us to make her feel  comfortable while they were staying with us and she now carries her 'puppy' around everywhere with her too. 

Here is a photo of what Puppy looked like when he was new

So as you can see, he is a very well loved puppy.

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  1. Puppy looks very Loved!!! Great photo Danielle