Thursday, April 14, 2011

I got the Camera out!!!!

Ok, so I know it has been quite a while between posts and I'm am failing big time with my 365 Project and my Project 52, but, I just haven't had as much time as I thought to participate in these challenges.  And with it being so hot for so long here in Perth, it was hard to get out and get some decent photos.

But, this morning I decided to get the camera out and have a play.  Yesterday I got an email from Learn Digital Photography Now and they had a free report on shooting digital photos like pros, which I read about using some different settings on your camera. Well, one that I didn't know about but was keen to learn about was White Balance. I learnt that if you put it onto the 'Cloudy' setting, especially outside it makes your pictures colours a bit softer and clearer and better. So, this morning, I have had a play with the different white balance settings.  I like the cloudy one the best.  Here are a couple of photos I took of Luke messing around.

I love this photo of Luke.  He was playing with one of his Chuggington trains.

I have also been getting emails and reading this website too Digital Photography School, which is a website with all sorts of information on how to use your camera, different hints and tips, some challenges and lots of other stuff. This weeks 'assignment' is to go 10 minutes from your house and take a photo of whatever is there. You can walk, ride, drive, rollerblade, whatever, but it has to only be for 10 minutes. I'm thinking I might just give this a go. It could be interesting just to see what is 10 minutes from my house!!

Hopefully I will be back soon with my 10 minute from home photo to share.

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