Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Tattered Teddy Card

Hi there,

I'm still here.  I had 2 assignments left to finish and I wouldn't let myself have any play time until they were finished and posted off.  Well, I sent the last one off last Friday, YAY, so this week I have had a little play time. 

Yesterday, I played with a new Tattered Teddy stamp Mum got from a magazine and he is sooo cute.  I was a bit scared of using him at first because of all the detail and what colour to use and I'm not that great when it comes to stamping.  But, he actually turned out and I'm pretty happy with him.

Isn't he cute??

Well, I'm off to find a hot cup of tea as it is freezing and my fingers feel like they are frozen.

Thanks for stopping by


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