Tuesday, June 7, 2011

10 Minutes From Home

About a month or two ago, I said I was going to have a go at a challenge that was on a photography site just for my own benefit and out of interest.  The challenge was to go 10 minutes exactly from home either walking, driving, on a bike, roller blading however you choose to and take a photo of whatever was at that 10 minute point.  And it had to be a black and white photo.  Well today, I actually got to it.  With our computer dying on us and going on holidays and then everyone being sick, I just hadn't had the time to do it.  So today I went for a walk and Luke rode his bike and we kept going until it was 10 minutes exactly, which happened to be at a park we go to regularly, I just kept walking a bit past the play park part, and yes we did go back so he could play.

Remember I am still learning how to use photoshop.  Here is what I came up with.

And this is the original photo before I played with it..

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  1. Nice Black & White :-) Good to see you are getting a chance to get out and about again!
    J xx