Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone and welcome to my new look-newly named blog.  I finally worked out how to get a photo as the header that isn't too big (I have been trying since I started this blog) and write the title on the photo too, so I have learnt 2 new things already this year.  I think I'm off to a really good start already.  lol     I decided to change things around and start fresh with a fresh new year.

I got a fantastic new Nikon digital SLR camera for Christmas from Brad and the kids and I just love it and I'm having lots of fun playing with it and learning as I go.  So this year I am planning to load more photos on for you to see as I learn. 

We went for a day trip up to Guilderton/Moore River on Wednesday with our neighbours.  Although it was very windy, we still managed to have a bbq for lunch and have a great time.  Afterwards we went to one of the parks there and I took some photos of the kids playing.

Chloe wont let me get too many photos of her at the moment, but I managed to get this one while she was climbing

Brad and Luke playing cricket.

I hope you enjoy following my new blog this year.

Thanks for looking



  1. Yay - you got your camera!! Hope you're loving it. Your new blog is great - good job. cu soon!

  2. Thanks Nicole. I'm definately loving the new camera, just trying to work out all the different settings. I have been checking out your blog, I would love to learn how to take photos like yours. Am going to check out a few courses.

  3. Love the new blog, it looks great.